IMPORTANT UPDATE – Any blog post in the Metropolis Solutions Blog Archive that includes any direct or indirect reference to claims handling information was posted prior to 01.07.21, is for general information only and may no longer be applicable due to recent changes in the laws concerning claims handling. Please note that Metropolis does not hold an AFS Licence for claims handling and therefore qualified expert assistance should now be sought from a lawyer about any claim or potential claim as of the 01.07.21. Metropolis Solutions can still consult on claims handling matters but only in the instance where we are directly engaged to do so by your legal representative.

How we solve plumbing nightmares – permanently!

With decades of experience, our uniquely qualified and skilled expert Plumbers and Loss Adjusters know what to do to help.  We have the expertise to get to the bottom of what’s REALLY wrong, identify who’s accountable,  work out what needs to be done and calculate how much it will cost to get it fully and finally FIXED. Our success is...