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Achieving Plumbing Compliance

Forensic Plumbing Investigations / Reports

We rescue dream homes, renovations, apartments and commercial properties from plumbing nightmares by determining the causation of the plumbing problem and then mapping out the sensible way forward.


We carry out forensic quality investigations into roof plumbing, belowground drainage plumbing, air conditioning, general plumbing and leak investigations.  Our detailed forensic plumbing reports are considered second to none.


Our very significant back-catalogue of clients include Victorian home-owners, Owners Corporations, Strata Managers, commercial building owners, Department of Education schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, insurer’s and construction law firms.


Metropolis Solutions, and our network of trusted specialist associates, are your answer for obtaining the necessary sufficient credible evidence that is required to be provided to your plumber, builder, lawyer or the Victorian Building Authority.  We photograph in detail, technically notate, measure and reference the relevant Australian Standards.  Specialist equipment including infrared thermography camera, gas levels, digital levels, thermometers, high quality CCTV cameras, Nearmap and drawing programs are all at our disposal to be utilised where required.


If your matter requires legal input for resolution, we are also extremely experienced in providing VCAT and County Court compliant reports and expert witness services.

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Plumbing Claims Advice for Lawyers / Insurers

Our Forensic Plumbing and Loss Adjuster insurance experts can be engaged directly by law firms or Insurers to assist in dealing with Victorian plumber’s warranty claims as well as other water / plumbing related insurance claims and disputes Australia-wide.

As many have done before you, rely on our formidable expertise which includes decades of ‘runs on the board’ in this unique specialty field.

As Metropolis Solutions does not hold an AFS Licence, due to changes in the law as of the 1 July 2021 which mean that providing claims advice is now a financial service, Metropolis Solutions can now only provide claims advice directly to a practicing lawyer or Insurer.

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Problems no property should have:

Metropolis Solutions is your answer to ANY PLUMBING DISASTER.


With decades of combined experience behind us, we have the expertise to get to the bottom of what’s REALLY wrong, then identify who’s accountable. We have a close network of trusted associates, including engineers and reputable builders. Together, we can resolve what needs to be done to fix your plumbing problem and make it compliant. We have considerable knowledge concerning the correct application of Performance Solution verses Deemed-to-Satisfy pathways to compliance.


In Victoria, all plumbers also hold compulsory CONSUMER PROTECTION INSURANCE against defects and any damage caused, plus consequential financial losses (domestic only), expenses you incur proving and making the claim, and reasonable legal costs. We are experts familiar with this unique scheme.


We also provide Expert Witness consultancy services across Australia in both Forensic Plumbing and Loss Adjusting fields for all parties involved in insurance disputes.


Metropolis works only on a ‘fee for service’ basis. Terms and conditions apply – please contact us for more details.

Note: this website is for general information only and does not constitute legal or professional advice.