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Achieving Plumbing Compliance

Forensic Plumbing Investigations and Compliant Solutions for Victorian Homes,  Owners Corporations,  Commercial Building Owners, Insurers and Lawyers

Rescuing dream homes, renovations, apartments and commercial properties from plumbing nightmares.  We find the problems and work out sensible, compliant solutions for everyone involved.

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Plumbing Claims Advice

Our Forensic Plumbing and Insurance experts can assist law firms in dealing with plumbers warranty claims in Victoria, and also in other insurance disputes. You can rely on our unique expertise.

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Problems no property should have:

Metropolis Solutions is your complete solution to ANY PLUMBING DISASTER.


With decades of experience we have the expertise to get to the bottom of what’s REALLY wrong, then identify who’s accountable, what will be needed to fix it to a compliant standard and finally, just how much it will actually cost.


In Victoria, all plumbers also hold compulsory CONSUMER PROTECTION INSURANCE against defects and any damage caused, plus consequential financial losses (domestic only), expenses you incur proving and making the claim, and even legal costs if you need to sue.  We are the only experts familiar with this unique scheme.


We also provide Expert Witness consultancy services across Australia in both Forensic Plumbing and Loss Adjusting fields for all parties involved in insurance disputes  – contact us for more details.


Metropolis works only on a ‘fee for service’ basis.  Terms and conditions apply – contact us for more details.

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