How we solve plumbing nightmares – permanently!

23 Oct How we solve plumbing nightmares – permanently!

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With decades of experience, our uniquely qualified and skilled expert Plumbers and Loss Adjusters know what to do to help.  We have the expertise to get to the bottom of what’s REALLY wrong, identify who’s accountable,  work out what needs to be done and calculate how much it will cost to get it fully and finally FIXED.

Our success is based on 1) what we know 2) who we know and 3) what we do.

What we know

We know all the ins and outs of general plumbing, roofing, heating and cooling problems.  Our skilled forensic plumbers and assessors have pretty much seen everything over the last 10 years of working within the plumber’s warranty insurance field.  We also know the insurance system – from the inside.  This means we know where to take your claim and how to get it processed efficiently.  We know how to navigate the maze to provide you with a Roadmap for Resolution.

Who we know

With decades of experience in diagnosing complex plumbing, roofing, heating and air conditioning problems, we’ve built a network of contacts which include the best forensic structural and civil engineers, hydraulic engineers, mechanical services engineers, forensic material testers and builders.  So we know who to call upon to get to the bottom of what’s wrong and work out what it will realistically cost to fix the problem permanently and in a manner which achieves full compliance with plumbing regulations and product manufacturer’s requirements.

What we do

The first thing we do is fully assess the WHOLE situation.  We don’t stop at the “obvious” problem/s, we make sure we dig deeper to get to the root cause so that we know where and why things are going wrong.  We also look for and identify any other plumbing defects which might be present.

Then we fully plan & cost the COMPLETE solution, with the assistance of the right experts.

Best of all, we take the stress away and manage the entire process from Day 1, including negotiation and agreement on a comprehensive and fair financial settlement for YOU.   With the settlement money in the bank, this lets you arrange to properly fix the problem, using a professional tradesman of YOUR own choice, when it suits YOU.

You don’t need to go it alone

With us on your side, you can escape the blame game dances of plumbers and builders, along with the hassles of dealing with tradies who don’t want to know you.  

And there’s more – for individual domestic Victorian homes with plumbing work less than 6 years old, we do all of this for you on a ‘No Win – No Fee’ Basis* (conditions apply).

So if you’re getting nowhere with your plumber, the builder, lawyers, VCAT, Magistrates Court or the VBA, contact us now to get the answer to your wicked plumbing problem.

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