When the plumber met the adjuster…

08 Oct When the plumber met the adjuster…

Any blog post in the Metropolis Solutions Blog Archive that includes any direct or indirect reference to insurance claims handling of any nature whatsoever, including any reference to existing and/or potential claims, was posted prior to 01.07.21, is for general information only and may also no longer be applicable due to recent changes in Federal Financial Services laws concerning claims handling. Please note that Metropolis does not hold an Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence for claims handling and therefore qualified expert assistance on any insurance related matter, including Victorian Plumbers Warranty, should now be sought from a suitable lawyer or other expert holding an AFS claims handling licence. Metropolis Solutions can still consult on insurance claims handling matters, but only in the instance where we are directly engaged to do so by your authorised legal representative.

Metropolis Solutions is the brain child of forensic plumbing expert Russell Kirkwood and insurance Loss Adjuster David Pockett.  Between them, they have over six decades of experience in solving wicked plumbing problems and insurance disputes in both commercial and residential buildings.

The Plumber

Russell is a licensed plumber with 25 years’ experience across large scale commercial projects, heating and cooling, roof plumbing and general domestic plumbing work. He has operated his own business for the past 23 years – initially in plumbing and later on in plumbing design consultancy.

In 2005, Russell was asked by an insurance company to consult on a difficult plumbing warranty matter.  From this initial exposure to the insurance industry, it was quickly determined that he had a special talent for identifying and problem-solving complex plumbing defects. In the years since that first consult, he’s seen an amazing range of defects in everything from high rise towers to airports to ski resorts and just about everything possible that can go wrong with plumbing in domestic dwellings.

Russell has a unique understanding of the vast complexity of the world of licensed plumbing.  In diagnosing and resolving a decade of wicked plumbing problems, he’s built a deep reserve of connections to Victoria’s best and brightest experts – including forensic structural and civil engineers, hydraulic engineers, mechanical services (air conditioning) engineers, forensic material testers, builders, and quality plumbing operators.

The Loss Adjuster

David Pockett is a Chartered Loss Adjuster with a truly unique and valuable skill set.  He’s worked across just about the full range of possible insurance losses in Australia, determining the causes and effects of incidents that generate claims both large and small.   With over 35 years of experience in the investigation and quantification of insurance claims, there’s not much he hasn’t seen, nor many insurance companies or legal firms that he hasn’t dealt with.

David’s enormous claims experience includes Public Liability, Product Liability, Victorian Plumbers Warranty, Government and Local Government sector losses, Legislative Compliance and Enforcement, Mould Remediation, Commercial and Domestic Property losses and Business Interruption.

His specialty however is in Victorian Plumbers Warranty claims and complex material damage claims – but as always with an absolute focus on realistic, achievable solutions and quality outcomes.

The Vision

David and Russell have been working as a team investigating complex plumbing claims since 2007 and they were the go-to team for all of the Insurers who provided cover for the Victorian Licensed Plumbers Warranty Scheme – and their panel of legal experts.  What they increasingly saw over that time was a significant gap in the market – there was no equivalent team to themselves working to assist consumers.  In 2015, the plumber and the Loss Adjuster joined forces to create a new business entity – Metropolis Solutions.

They’re now offering their decades of combined investigation, quantification and problem solving experience to consumers – delivering realistic and achievable SOLUTIONS:

  • Identifying the root cause of plumbing problems in Victorian buildings – both domestic and commercial.
  • Developing a complete solution to fix those problems, using their years of experience and their access to expert problem-solvers.
  • Fully costing the problems, their impact and the complete repair process.
  • Securing an appropriate financial outcome for the consumer which will enable the consumer to have the problems fixed in a fully compliant manner.
  • Advocating for consumers rights to get their problems fully solved – permanently.


Do you have a complex plumbing problem in your home or building?

Contact Metropolis Solutions for the ANSWER to your wicked plumbing problems.


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