Why Choose Metropolis Instead of Another Expert?

23 Oct Why Choose Metropolis Instead of Another Expert?

There are a range of independent expert consultants available to consumers and who can potentially identify and document plumbing faults for a fee, but that’s all they can do – give you a written technical report.  These reports can cost you anywhere from hundreds to many thousands of dollars.  In a significant number of cases that report will also only tell you what you already know.  At best it might perhaps also provide some theoretical guidance about how to possibly fix the problem, but that’s all.   The big questions here are:

  1. Has the consultant actually documented ALL of the faults?
  2. And then even more importantly, WHAT’S NEXT?


The answer to question (1) is a big concern in many cases.  Unfortunately it is common for consultants to only look at the immediate issue they were asked to inspect e.g your leaking roof, and not consider anything else.  This means that all other potential plumbing faults remain unidentified and undocumented.  This is a major missed opportunity and potential loss for the consumer.

As for question (2), unfortunately these consultants also can’t do any more to help you (other than eventually turn up in court costing you even more money) because they simply don’t have the skills to deal with your claim against the plumber who certified the work.  

Faced with this dilemma, many consumers either give up because it’s all going to cost too much or is too much trouble, or else make the mistake of trying to sue their builder.  In Victoria, the Builders Warranty insurance is of no value to the consumer unless the builder is dead, missing or bankrupt, so the builder normally has no insurance against defects and will be paying any rectification costs out of their own pocket.  For this reason very few builders are generous enough to fund major plumbing defect rectification works and at best are likely to provide ‘patch up’ solutions instead – if any at all.  Some consumers also make the mistake of engaging a solicitor who in reality may also know nothing about how to approach the claim other than through aggressive litigation; this is an expensive and risky process where the only winners often are the legal firms involved. It’s also just not necessary in most plumbing defect situations.

With over 60 years combined insurance and plumbing experience in the two directors alone, Metropolis Solutions offers a comprehensive “One Stop” resolution to your entire plumbing problem which includes not only the identification and documentation of ALL the faults, but also a full claims management service right through to a successful financial resolution against the plumber’s insurance policy.  For many consumers, this service is also available on a “No Win-No Fee” basis.

The co-founders of Metropolis Solutions used to work for the big insurance companies.  Doing that work they saw many people who missed out because they didn’t know what they could claim or why, and often other major plumbing defects were left undocumented and uncompensated.  Don’t be one of the unlucky ones!  Use our experience to handle your complete claim from start to finish and we will get you the settlement outcome you are rightfully entitled to under Victorian consumer protection legislation.

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